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Giving Back
Meet The Owner

I have had at least one dog all my life, and each one has taught me something new and changed my life. In spring of 2021, I adopted a French bulldog puppy, named Coconut. She is the most social, out-going
dog I have ever met and to feed her need for socialization, I began taking her to dog events, Frenchie meetups, pet stores, and other dog-friendly businesses. What started out as training in socialization to expose Coconut to new experiences has enriched my life too. We have both found so much joy and met amazing friends within the dog community.
Through our experiences attending dog events, visiting dog friendly shops and restaurants, I have been
inspired to bring a new, unique experience to Milwaukee with the goal of spreading joy to the dogs of
Milwaukee, and their people.

Who Is Salty Paws?

Salty Paws is the first Doggie Ice Cream Shop in the country. Some may say it's a dog restaurant so pet
friendly that our customers can sit at the table while enjoying their treats! At Salty Paws we have
created a unique interactive ice cream and retail experience. Customers can enjoy spoiling their pets
while they shop for treats, accessories, toys and so much more!

Kick back and watch your dog enjoy cones, waffle bowls or dishes full of dog friendly ice cream with a
topping bar that is undeniably a must for the pickiest of dogs! From dehydrated chicken to sweet potato
fries sprinkled on top or cookies, cakes, and donuts from our bakery section, it doesn't really matter
because Salty Paws keeps your dog wagging for more!

Peeping Dog
Peeping Puppy
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